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Joe Costantino delivers real-world marketing, sales and business development keynotes, seminars and workshops providing strategies and techniques which coaches, consultants, and business owners can implement into their businesses immediately to produce big results!

After attending Joe’s high-powered workshops and seminars, you will never look at Business development, marketing and sales the same way again. Your head will be spinning with new business ideas and fresh approaches. You will also have the tools, techniques and strategies you need to create a whole new vision for your company and to dominate your marketplace.

All presentations provide you with clear real-world strategies so you take action right away. Joe shows you that you can produce stunning returns with a consistent marketing effort once you know exactly what to do. He’s not afraid to challenge the ‘conventional wisdom’ of other marketers.  In short, Joe will help you leverage your marketing efforts, increase your profits and achieve the results you’ve only dreamt of, no matter what your situation.

Joe translates real life experience and insight into inspiring, meaningful and practical seminars and keynotes that have the audience fully engaged and wanting more.

Are you up for the challenge?

Joe’s presentations will show you how to:

  • Dominate your market powerfully, leaving your competition in the dust
  • Maximize the compelling pull of great marketing to increase profits
  • Determine which marketing strategies work for your industry before spending a single dime
  • Implement a step-by-step marketing process custom designed to meet your needs
  • Create a bulletproof plan to make more money with less effort in any economy
  • Understand why and how to develop a social media strategy
  • Stop competing on price and start getting paid what you’re really worth
  • Work only with people who value what you have to offer

Here’s what others have said about Joe’s seminars and workshops:

“Thank you very much for presenting the 7 Steps to Building Your Legal Nurse Consulting Practice to our 1st annual legal nurse consulting conference.  Your program was enjoyed by everyone!  You offered wonderful ideas to every level of legal nurse practice.  We appreciated your dynamic program.”
Barbara Levin

“I received quite a bit of feedback about how wonderful and motivating your presentation was.”
Eileen Allosso, MS APRN, BC, LNC
Lead Nurse Planner, SNE-AALNC

“He was wonderful”
“Great boost for a new year”
“Very motivating, great speaker”
“Strengths:  His knowledge and background”
Additional comments from members of the New England Chapter of Legal Nurse Consultants

“Thank you very much for presenting a top-notch seminar. Your expertise, passion and commitment to the Chamber is refreshing. I appreciate all the time and attention you provided to us. You made the Chamber look good!”
Andrea Kingston
Membership Manager
South Shore Chamber of Commerce

“Your combination of real-life experience as well as your magnetic personality made for an excellent seminar. The attendees left with an implementation plan and enthusiasm”
Katie Howard
Director of Development
South Shore Women’s Business Network

“Joe facilitated a series of 5 well received workshops for my business clients at Braintree Cooperative Bank. Joe presented the subject matter in a clear concise manner, all the time encouraging and receiving input from the audience. Many of the participants made a point of expressing their enjoyment of Joe’s conversational presentation style.”

“Since the completion of the series, I have observed many of these businesses have implemented many of Joe’s suggestions with great success. I would highly suggest Joe Costantino’s services to anyone truly serious about running a successful business.”
Michael Wilcox
Manager, Braintree Cooperative Bank

Speaking Topics

How To Develop a Step by Step Plan To Dominate Your Marketplace

In order to survive in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to understand how to stand out from your competition, build a step by step system to be in front of your customers and prospects and turn more leads into customers.  You do this by becoming a marketer for your business and implementing the tactics and strategies that will leave your competitors in the dust and allow you to become an industry leader.

You will learn:

  • The difference between strategic and tactical marketing and why strategy always comes first
  • The 7 steps to developing a successful marketing system
  • Ways to position yourself as the expert in your field
  • The 4 legs of the lead generation stool
  • How to develop a differentiation strategy that positions you as the obvious choice for the product or service you sell

Powerful Networking for Professional Success

Building relationships is one of the most critical skills to the success of a business owner.  Just ‘showing up’ doesn’t fly anymore.  In this workshop Joe will show you how to develop and implement a system to building lifelong relationships with other business owners.

You will learn:

  • Specific tactics for creating your networking and relationship-building strategy.
  • 5 solid ways to connect with others on a deeper level
  • Tactics to organize and prioritize your networking strategy
  • A system to create proactive networking tactics. passive one.
  • 3 surefire methods to build powerful strategic partnerships

How To Build an Amazing Lead Generation Machine

People love to buy but they hate to be sold.  Most people engage with and continue to do business with companies that have taken the time to build credibility and trust.  In this seminar Joe shows you how to grow your business by becoming the CMO, Chief Marketing Officer for your business.

You learn:

  • Learn how to be in front of your prospects when “they are ready to buy your product or service
  • Building and leveraging your database for instant cash
  • 3 ways to build your business from the ground up
  • Ways to develop lead generation strategies that discourage “selling”
  • Specific strategies for building a foundation awareness, credibility and trust
  • Ways to keep customers for “life”
  • 5 methods to super charge your referral system.

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