How to Finally Create Rapid Business Growth

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Are you a struggling business owner?

Do you own a business that’s just not delivering the results you hoped for, or need? Are you tired of working your butt off and just not getting where you want to go?

Do you keep trying new things and getting little to no improvement?

Do you feel stuck in a rut?

You are not alone.

There are way too many business owners who struggle to build a thriving business even though they are excellent at their craft, while others create businesses that just seem to grow like wildfire.

Why the difference?

The ones who are more financially successful aren’t necessarily better business owners. They’ve simply learned how to implement easy, effective and repeatable processes to position themselves in the marketplace, connect with better prospects and convert more of those prospects into paying clients!

In essence what they have is reliable, predictable systems for bringing in clients, generating leads and increasing profits…

No Process = No Profit
The fact is… without the ability to convert a prospect into a paying client, you won’t have a business for very long.

Look, you may be better than the competition. In fact, you may be the BEST at what you do in the marketplace.

But, unfortunately for most, that’s not enough to be successful.

To succeed you MUST know how to market and sell effectively.

And, the irony is that your competitors may have inferior products and services, but if they are better at marketing and sales than you are, they will easily take your business.

Sound familiar?

Everyone knows, for you to be successful as a business owner in today’s economy, you absolutely must be better than your competitors at marketing and sales.

Let’s Turn It Around

Hi, my name is Joe Costantino. I’ve built a number of very successful businesses, but that success did not come right out of the gate. At first, just like you, I struggled to reach my goals.

My life changed dramatically the day I learned how to build effective marketing and sales systems into my business. Systems which unquestionably delivered the consistent growth I had been searching for. Systems which gave me the financial freedom I’d always craved.

I used this knowledge to create the ACT Smart Business Development System and as a business coach over the last ten years, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners transform their businesses into profit powerhouses.

Now, I’ve created the Program ACT Smart Business Growth Program so that I can help thousands of business owners like you, earn the same results at a fraction of the cost.

The ACT Smart Business Growth Program

The ACT Smart Business Growth Program is an interactive LIVE online course perfect for serious business owners that want to attract more clients, grow their business and increase their revenue.

This program will help you build a compelling strategy for your business and then build the systems to grow your business effectively and experience explosive profits.

TOGETHER, we will design and install processes and systems in five key areas for your so you can experience breakthrough business growth:


But there is a catch…

You MUST be serious about growing your business!

You MUST be willing to commit just 5 hours a week for 8 weeks doing what is necessary to install the systems I will teach you.

If you are, you and I will work hand-in-hand to create the business of your dreams.

Here’s how…

Once you enroll in the ACT Smart Business Growth Program you will receive LIFETIME access to all of the training which includes:

• 8 step-by-step comprehensive training courses modules, each consisting of 3 to 5 lessons, so you can go through the material at your own pace

• Weekly Live Group Coaching sessions directly with me to answer any questions you may have about the course or how to use it to your greatest advantage

• A 1-on-1 30-minute Business Breakthrough Strategy Session with me (via the phone) so that I can personally help you get your business where you want it to go.

• Checklists, letter/e-mail templates and forms to get you up and running fast

• ACT Smart Action Assignments so you can utilize the material presented in each section to the fullest and get maximum results

• Unlimited Access to me via email so you’ll get the personal assistance you need, when you need it the most

• Access to our members-only portal so you can accelerate your learning and get results faster

8 Week Comprehensive Training Courses

The ACT Smart Business Growth Program consists of 8 Comprehensive Training Modules, along with weekly LIVE group coaching session, that will transform your business in just 60 days.

The program is a complete learning system designed to jump-start growth in your business. Every lesson in every course is recorded so that you can watch them at a time that is most convenient for your schedule, and replay them as needed.

Week 1
Your Blueprint For Success
• Overview of the ACT Smart Business Growth Program
• How to Maximize Your Results
• Mindset and Habits
• Connecting Marketing and Sales – ACT Smart Business Development System

Week 2
Building Your Strategic Plan (Purpose, Vision & S.M.A.R.T. Goals)
• Your Purpose
• Outlining Your Vision
• Translating your Vision into Action
• Defining S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Week 3
Building Your Strategic Plan (Preferred Prospect)
• Defining a Preferred Prospect
• Demographics and Psychographics
• Finding Preferred Prospects

Week 4
Building Your Strategic Plan (Powerful Positioning)
• Benefits of Powerful Positioning
• Rules of Selling Trust
• The Two Faces of every business – Inside Reality vs. Outside Perception
• Understanding Your Value Proposition

Week 5
•Attracting & Engaging With Preferred Prospects
•Importance of Using A CRM System
•How to Build Trust
•Building Your Content Platform
•Changing Relationship from Transactional to Transformational

Week 6
•Converting Preferred Prospects into Paying Clients
•How to Differentiate the Sales Process to Close More Sales
•The ACT Smart Selling Methodology
•How to Build Rapport and Trust With Prospects and Clients
•Questioning Techniques that Uncover Your Client Needs
•How to Use Stories and the Concept of Social Proof

Week 7
•Retaining Clients for Life
•Increasing the Average Lifetime Value of Your Client
•How to Go Beyond Satisfied and WOW Your Client
•Cross Sell & Upsell Opportunities
•How to Get Your Client Off to the Perfect Start

Week 8
•Optimizing the Client Relationship
•Identifying Additional Products and Services to Sell Your Clients
•Joint Venture & Partnership Opportunities
•Building a Systematic Referral Program
•Turning Clients Into Brand Ambassadors

And, it doesn’t stop there! You also get:

A 1-on-1 Business Breakthrough Strategy Session
Include with this program is one 30-minute Business Breakthrough Strategy Session with me (via the phone) so that I can personally help you get from where you are the present time in your business to where you would like to take your business eight weeks from now and beyond! This session alone will almost guarantee your success with this program.

Checklists, Templates & Forms
Already “done for you” email and letter templates that you can use in your business immediately to attract and engage with prospects; convert prospects into customer and retain customers longer.

Checklists and forms that you can use to operate your business more efficiently so you can save time and money.

Action Assignments
As you step through each course, you will be presented with action assignments so you can easily master the material presented. Watching the lessons allows you to incorporate the material in a general way. Completing the action assignments allows you to customize your learning for your unique business and start getting results right away.

Group Coaching Sessions
You are never in this alone!

Weekly live group coaching sessions are provided to help answer any question about action assignments, help overcome challenges you are facing in your business or discuss any other business topic you would like to address.

These calls are in a group format so that you can benefit not only from my experience but also the collective experience of the other business owners on the call.

Unlimited Email Support
Unlimited email support to answer your burning questions, clarify action assignments and keep you rapidly moving forward in between the weekly group coaching sessions. All emails will be within 1 business day.

Not ready to enroll? You may want to check out our free video training course: Click Here

DavidGomez “Having the guidance of Joe has made a huge difference in taking my marketing coaching business to the next level. He has been side by side helping me in the process of getting things done, focusing on the aspects that really matter and providing wonderful and practical ideas. His structured coaching approach just doesn’t leave you on your own at any time during the process. I strongly recommend working with Joe as a coach. He has really made a remarkable difference in my business.”

Bien Pensado Marketing

EdScott“Joe is always available, focused and resourceful. He understands the problems businesses encounter in this ever changing world of marketing and is on top of what needs to be done today to keep your business current and meeting new levels of success. Joe has a nice demeanor and a positive attitude and makes you feel comfortable especially while working through Action Items. I enjoy working with Joe as a mentor and his advice is always well thought out and spot on. I recommend Joe as the ultimate coaches’ coach.”

Scott Marketing Group

RosieTaylor“Joe Costantino has been a steady factor in my business success. He’s a true mentor giving me solid advice for making smart decisions and practical strategies for helping my business grow. His experience shines through the valuable insights he consistently offers in our sessions.”


Georgia Patrick"The decision to work with Joe Costantino was easy and fast as we are making a shift in our corporation to the “next generation” of growth and marketing.Joe took what could be daunting and chunked everything down to one hour bites of homework, reading, learning, and immediate application. The biggest result is the dynamic and focused conversations with Joe. If you get a chance to work with Joe, carve out the time on your calendar and make the commitment to the ACT Smart program. This is not for everyone. If you just want to expose yourself to a master and have fascinating conversations, there are hundreds of those on the internet. If you want to actually do the work, stick to a system instead of a monthly handful of scattered marketing activities, then you are going to do very well."

The Communicators, Inc.

How You Get Started…
I want to make it easy for you to get outstanding results for your business from the ACT Smart Business Growth Program in the next 60 days.

Now, if you hired me to personally work with you 1-on-1 to implement the strategies inside this program within your business, the cost of my engagement starts at $15,000… And in some cases your investment could be as high as $30,000 or more.

However, today through this special opportunity it won’t even cost you 1/4 of that.

You see, for a limited time this comprehensive LIVE interactive 8 week online training program is available for only $1,997

And, I’m taking all of the risk out of it for you too with my…

Zero Risk 100% Guarantee…
Look, I am so confident this process will work for you that I’m backing it up with my 30 day, No-risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

Enroll in the ACT Smart Business Growth Program today and if at any time within 30 days of your purchase you feel I haven’t given you EVERYTHING you need to develop a solid, strategic plan for your business, just let me know and I’ll make sure you get a FULL and QUICK Refund… And, we’ll still be friends!

So now you know you have nothing to lose, and that you’ll be completed supported throughout the entire program, the next step is to enroll and get instant access to the members-only portal so you can start growing your business to new heights today.

Not ready to enroll? You may want to check out our free video training course: Click Here